Two Fabrics That Will Change Your Life


We all know that feeling: the terror and the panic when a chunk of salsa or a splash of red wine lands on your best upholstered furniture. There is anger, regret, and frantic scrubbing until eventually your prized living room couch is relegated to the basement or guest room. 

I used to think this was just one of life’s inevitable trade-offs like taxes or growing old. That is, until I discovered the wonders of high performance fabric.

What is really remarkable about today’s performance fabrics is that you don’t need to sacrifice color and texture in order to get a impenetrable shield that makes even red wine bead right off.

Colors and fabrics that used to be off limits for families with young kids or pets are now viable options once again thanks to performance fabrics. 

So what are high performance fabrics? 

High performance fabrics are specially engineered to withstand daily life: heat, liquid, wear and tear, etc. There are several high performance fabrics on the market that are specifically used for upholstery. Two that I use often are Subrella and Crypton. Each are useful in different ways.


Sunbrella used to be known as outdoor fabric, but it has advanced to become much softer and is now used extensively for indoor furniture too. The amazing thing about Sunbrella is that you can use bleach on it without any problem! 

Unlike other fibers, the pigment and polymer is blended together before being spun into yarn. Most fibers are spun into yarn and then colored after. In addition, Sunbrella is also much more fade-resistant than other fabrics and is backed with a five year color and strength guarantee. 


Crypton is my personal favorite. It is a patented fabric engineering process that is a coating that can be used on top of many different fiber types such as cotton, linen and flax. It is great for high traffic areas such as a living room couch because it has a high double rub count (an industry measure of durability). 

One of the best parts about Crypton is that is has an impenetrable moisture barrier that protects it from any liquid spills. It also has an amazing silver technology, like the one used in hospitals, to create an antimicrobial barrier to resist bacterial and fungal growth and avoid odors. 


Sound too good to be true? Watch it here and see for yourself as I pour red wine on a piece of Crypton fabric and rub bleach on Sunbrella!


For the full live video check out Tartan & Toile’s IGTV Chanel.


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Lucy O'Brien