High Point Highlights


We are in full swing over here at Tartan & Toile after coming back from High Point Market, and with the Holidays right around the corner! I wanted to share some of my discoveries at High Point Market with you and give you a preview of some trends you will be seeing over the next year or may already have started to see in the design industry. I had such an incredible time discovering new brands and meeting with colleagues. I also had the privilege of being accepted onto the High Point Market Tour and spending the day with the well-known designed Jana Phipps, also know as the “Trim Queen!”

One common theme that I saw throughout the market was the resurgence of classical/traditional elements but with a modern twist. Vendors with all different variations of style seem to be implementing this trend.


Every vendor, wether they were traditional or contemporary in style, had elements of Old World glam and embellishments. Velvet, tassels, fringe, buttons, and decorative tape were everywhere. Leather was back in a very glamorous way with tufting and saturated colors.


High Performance Fabrics

High performance fabrics were everywhere (finally)! Countless brands are implementing Crypton and Sunbrella Inside Out and many other performance brands into their upholstery products. It is all about having that classic charm but in a livable way. No more parlors that no one actually sits in for this generation! 

Rattan & Caning

Another one of my loves, canning and rattan, was all over the place from many different vendors. 


Animal Everything

I can say that after High Point Market I fell more in love with animal prints than ever before. Some introductions were subtle, while others were not so much. They were all so realistic!  With the introduction of new fibers and techniques, you really felt you were touching zebra hair. I told one vendor my son would love to have their  life-like zebra stool to play with. She did not share my amusement—I guess it was not marketed for two year olds.


Acrylic Everything 

I fell in love with all of the acrylic. It was used in such artful ways including these light switch covers. Acrylic is a fabulous replacement for glass and a great way to make a small space feel large.


Wallpaper is Back and Here to Stay

With all the new styles and more contemporary finishes, wallpaper is making a comeback. Many people questioned if it was a fad, and the consensus is no! There are so many ways to use wallpaper now, and it is such a great way to add more depth and color to a room. 

I even came across a new wallpaper brand that makes self-adhesive removable wallpaper. This is  for everyone that is cringing at the thought of having to scrape off old 1960’s wallpaper! They have you covered. 


Curves are In 

With a movement towards more classical elements comes curves! The mid-century modern style that has had a previous resurgence was full of very straight and stark lines. The curves just made you want to sit in these pieces! 


Colors and Patterns

Green, green everywhere. Blue and white are always a classic standard in design, but green was everywhere this year from carpets to couches to accessories. In terms of pattern there was still a strong Chinoiserie presence as well as a nod to a lot of art deco patterns. 



It was a successful trip to say the least! I got a number of pieces I needed for client projects met great new friends and obtained a number of new vendors including those acrylic light switches!!

More to come with the Holiday Season right around the corner!


Lucy O'Brien