Window Treatments: Outfits with an Easy Refresh 


Lets talk window treatments! They are actually some of the quickest design features to amp up and complete a space. I like to say that window treatments are the “outfit” that your windows are going to wear for a long time so you better like that outfit! Like all clothing choices there are some window treatments that complement certain window and room types better than others, and that is where we come in! Below are some of my current favorites new and old that have been very in vogue recently.  

Roman Shades 

This is the cream of the crop. When people hear roman shade the often just think of  the standard style like the one we did in “Project Yale Ave” below. In reality there a number of roman shade styles. Roman shades are a great way to add coverage to your windows without having to deal with the dust that accumulates on traditional blinds. I love adding trims and embellishments (the jewelry) to a simple roman shade to give a big punch!  Check out all the different roman shade types below. 


Natural Shades

Most people refer to natural shades as bamboo blinds as that is how they are typically marketed. But in reality natural shades come in lots of different colors and styles and they are not all bamboo. They are made from various grasses with numerous weaves and bindings and colors. One thing to note is you can have a retractible liner for this type of shade so during the day the light can shine through but if you want full privacy you can pull the liner down. This is set of natural shades we installed in “Pretty in Pink” without a liner. Take a look at some of my other favorite styles below!


Board Mount Non-Operating Drapery Panels.  

This is a fun new product that was developed to cut out the cost of hardware and also allow drapes to be installed in certain places where installing hardware across a full window is not possible. The board is mounted to the wall and the drape is attached to the board. Drapes are a great way to add depth and color to a space. Check out the difference with these windows in the before and after below and also the detailed pictures of a board mounted drapery panel. 

Board mounted drapery panels done by Franklin & Mansfield.  Photo source

Board mounted drapery panels done by Franklin & Mansfield. Photo source

Technological Advancments

Some of the best refresh possibilities for window treamtents are the Cordless and Motorized options. There have been a number of companies that have made these technologies mainstream without being too costly. All of our window treamtents are cordless and use a patented pully system. They work by a simple ring that you use to pull the shade up and down with ease. See the video below!

Motorized window treamtents have also become all the rage. They have been tailored over the years to be more accessible and easier to install. They now have battery operated motorized treamtments so you do not have to have them wired through the wall. There are now so many smart features that you can have all of your motorized blinds programed to when you want to open and close them for ease as well as energy efficiency. In the winter you can program them to open when the sun hits one side of your house to get the most heat and then have them closed when that side of the home does not have sun when you are not home.

If your windows are in need of a new outfit or you just have questions about the many options and technologies don’t hesitate to reach out!