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The new year brings a lot of hustle and bustle to the interior design industry, and it is no different here at Tartan & Toile! We are pulling together some exciting new spaces and about to start a number of new projects for fantastic clients!

Cost Vs. Valuation Report

With the new year comes new collections and colors as well as the new 2019 Cost vs. Value Report. This database shows the cost of a typical project in your area and also how much equity it will create for your home. It is a fantastic resource if you are thinking about starting a new project or in the midst of one already.

You can see the realistic investment value of a particular project. Unless you are in the industry it is hard to know the reasonable expectations for kitchen renovation or how much a good quality couch will cost until you actually have actually gone through the process. This is a great tool to use and I highly recommend it. And it’s free.

This tool is highly valuable in the early planning stages of a project, but where the fun really starts is picking out finishes and the details of the actual space. You can have a kitchen refresh for the same amount of money as the next person, but your space could look and function much better because of the details of the design.

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Interior design is not just about “good taste.” Of course it is helpful to have an eye and a good sense of vision and scale. But cohesive rooms do not just come about from mixing a few fabrics and paint colors that look good together. Other things that come into place to create these cohesive looks you see in magazines are space planning, critical distances, scale, and proportion, just to name a few! Let me give you one example of something I find fascinating and hugely helpful that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up intuitively.

Did you know that lamp height is one of the key things that create that completed look in a room. The height from floor to top of a lamp should be 58-64” and all of your lamps should match the same height. This includes floor lamps.


You see it now right?….



And here…

Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes


And one more…

Lee Ann Thornton-Kips BayShow House

Lee Ann Thornton-Kips BayShow House

You also want to consider the “weight” of both the table and lamp when choosing them together. If you have a very thin “leggy” table, you want to have a thin leggy lamp. The same goes for a thick table—you will want a visually heavy lamp. If you messed that one up with your new table and lamp, you can help change proportion of the table by adding weight under the table with books or heavy decorative items that have a lot visual weight.

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As you start to think about your spring and summer projects, check out the Cost vs. Value Report. If you are thinking about working with us on a project, we are currently taking a few more consultations for next month but they are filling up fast!