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Kitchen Remodel

One of the challenges of this project was to maintain the historic integrity of the home while creating a state of the art kitchen. We worked to create the most cost effective, and high quality solutions while utilizing classic design concepts to create a beautiful central hub of the home.


In reconfiguring the old footprint we moved the refrigerator instead of the gas line from the oven to provide the most cost effective solution. We knocked down the central wall to enable the family to use the corresponding dinning room. The previous location of the kitchen door opening was directly in the middle of the dinning room which prevented the family from being able to put a table in the dinning room.


We used the wallpaper to camouflage elements of a modern kitchen such as this light switch. Also we used to the toile wallpaper pattern to create a interesting and captivating classic backdrop for the kitchen.

The old kitchen did not have proper ventilation. To provide appropriate ventilation we needed to have a soffit that ran across one length of the kitchen. We designed decorative molding to go over the soffit so make it seem like it was a build in feature. We also matched the pain color to the corresponding molding in the kitchen and painted it high gloss to create the appearance of a wooden built in.


In an effort to keep costs down, we designed this custom oven backsplash and overhead vent to create the feel that it was all one unit. In reality it was all individual pieces.


These lion head pulls were chosen to compliment the wall paper pattern. The pattern is called “La Chasse” which means the hunt and in the pattern their are lions. These latches were also used on the top hutch doors to complement clasps that are used throughout the house on closet doors.