Tartan & Toile



We are a boutique interior design firm serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We work closely with clients and various partners to build custom environments that are both beautiful and functional. We offer a range of design packages to meet the individual design needs of our clients. Tartan & Toile is setting a new standard for how to integrate interior design and wellness into our client’s every day lives. Our commitment to developing a mission statement with clients prior to starting the design process empowers clients to see how their environment impacts their joy and fulfillment.


Lucy O’Brien:

Prior to starting Tartan & Toile, Lucy had an extensive career in healthcare where she realized that the human environment can drastically affect health, productivity and joy.

As principle interior designer at Tartan & Toile, she specializes in classic residential design and remodels.While renovating and designing her own Victorian home outside of Philadelphia, building her vendor list, and gaining more experience in custom remodels,  friends and family began to request her services to design their homes as well. 

After completing multiple projects, she officially launched Tartan & Toile to make her design services available to the public. With a background in both fine arts and health care she is able to relate to her clients and help them create spaces that they will love.

Her enduring work ethic and cheery personality show through her work and client relationship.

She graduated from Johns Hopkins University and lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania with her son  and husband. When she isn't busy running Tartan & Toile , you can find her drinking lattes at Hobbs, running around with family, or participating in various community activities. She is an active member of the Swarthmore Historical Society because she values keeping the integrity and history of the town and it’s structures. She will serve as a captain in the Historical Society house tour in September.  She is also a proud member of the IVY design community. 

It would be an honor to work together to create your space!

-Lucy O’Brien